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Massage & Wellness Therapies

Relax. Renew. Restore. The Spa at Cascades offers a variety of relaxing massage treatments, body wraps, reflexology, salt inhalation therapy and customized enhancements.

Woman receiving a back massage.

Natura Bissé® Contrast Deep Tissue Massage (Fire & Ice, Diamond & Citrine)
Experience immediate results as tension is addressed right at the source. This focused and satisfying massage restores well-being by utilizing warming and cooling gels along with an oil of your choice. 

Natura Bissé® Scrub & Swedish Massage
Lose yourself in the luxury of relaxation. Press pause and sink into the exfoliating wonderment of Dead Sea salt crystals and rice powder. Emerge transformed with radiant, healthy skin. Complete your treatment with a customized massage that melts moisture deep into the skin, while leaving behind a lightweight veil and the overall sense of balance and well-being. 

Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage that incorporates long, flowing strokes designed to promote well-being and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Recommended for those who regularly receive massage therapy. Incorporates compression and range of motion techniques to help relieve chronic muscle pain and discomfort due to stress or injury. Add the Hypervolt to release deep-seated tension and energize the body.

Pre-Natal Massage
Total bliss and relaxation. Moms-to-be will enjoy this personalized body massage that focuses on alleviating lower back discomfort and fatigue while improving the tonicity of the skin. (Requires Doctor approval in the first trimester.)

Hot Stone Massage
Warmth flows deep into your body through smooth, heated stones during this therapeutic massage. The combination of heated stones with massage provides a deep state of relaxation while soothing muscles and relieving tension.

The art and science of reflexology is a pressure point manipulation of the feet through stimulation of the reflexes found in the extremities. This pressure point massage brings balance and restores circulation.

Enhance your athletic performance with the ancient practice of cupping. Designed to speed-up recovery in conjunction with Deep Tissue Massage. Your therapist strategically applies silicone cups to achieve detoxification, greater range of motion, and increase lymphatic flow and blood flow. Note: Due to the cups’ vacuum suction, discoloration may occur for a few hours, or up to two weeks.

Woman relaxing with hot stone massage.
Woman receiving a spa scrub

Natura Bissé® Scrub & Hydration
Plunge into this indulgent granulated scrub and reveal amazingly soft, nourished skin. Feel the exfoliating textures of Dead Sea salt crystals and rice powder followed by a gentle rinse. An application of nourishing cream completes this treatment leaving your skin renewed, hydrated, polished and illuminated.
Natura Bissé® Ultimate Detox
Sink into this detoxifying treatment and reemerge with amazingly soft, nourished skin. Experience the exfoliating magic of Dead Sea salt crystals and rice powder followed by a detoxifying algae wrap with high levels of mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements to replenish dull skin. While enveloped in the full-body wrap, you will experience a relaxing scalp massage. After the mask is removed, an application of nourishing cream completes this journey leaving your skin revived, hydrated, ultra-smooth and illuminated.

Natura Bissé® Citrus Drench
This nourishing treatment includes a full-body exfoliation and hydrating body wrap. Natural ingredients, shea butter, ascorbic acid and bitter orange extract protect the skin from dryness and premature aging. This treatment provides an intense antioxidant benefit that leaves the skin firm after one session.

Natura Bissé® The Living Water Ritual
Dare to renew yourself from head to toe. Dive into this rejuvenating experience beginning with exfoliating Dead Sea salt crystals and rice powder to reveal baby soft skin. An application of nourishing cream completes this treatment leaving your skin hydrated, polished and illuminated.

Natura Bissé® Diamond Well-Living Experience Scrub
A personalized body scrub that renews your skin and senses. What do you need today? A boost of vitality? To leave fatigue behind? To hit the off switch and relax? Select the sensorial mood you would like to experience to detoxify your mind and body.

Choose your Mood:

  • I need to slow down – Lavender
  • I need to reset – Seaweed and Chia
  • I need to feel energized – Citrus and Cypress
  • I need to relieve tension – Mint and Eucalyptus
Natura Bissé diamond luminous product. Soapy hands.
Close-up image of pink Himalayan salt.

Inhalation Salt Therapy
‌Relax in our Salt Therapy Suite while inhaling pharmaceutical-grade salt particles to improve your breathing. Halotherapy is considered an alternative treatment for lung conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and cough.